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As a professional trainer, my passion is to guide the world towards a healthier lifestyle. Every body is unique; with its own strengths and limitations. My method is to tailor a plan for you based on your form, measurements and fitness goals. I help you transform your body to your wishes and influence you to make more conscious decisions when it comes to your health.



Online personal training 1:1 or duo 1:2. You will receive careful guidance in your personal training plan. Together we ensure that you get all the tools and knowledge to perform them optimally both during and outside your training sessions. The ultimate goal is to find your balance between enjoying life and working on your physical and mental health.



Happier, healthier, more productive employees? Treat your employees to an effective group training. You can choose from strength + HIIT and mobility. The training takes place on location.



Receive all the tools & knowledge to work on your personal goal in a fun way. Without putting aside your social life and favorite food, but with sustainable results that you can keep!



Moving smoothly every day, who wouldn't want that? My online program help you achieve your physical goals, in & out of the gym. It balances the muscles, improves your posture and reduces the chances of injuries.


I never had PT before starting with Bani. I was nemis but that didn't last long. She made feel comfortable in a second and made me feel heard and seen when it came down to why I decided to start my PT in the first place, which was my mental health. On bad days she would be patient but still push me to not give up and on the good days she motivated me to give me my all while we had so much fun at the same time. Im so gratefull to have met her and not only is she professional but most she is genuinely one of the nicest person I crossed my path with and just a good human being. I would recommend her to everyone. Also her brand has the best gymwear!


Getting back into a work-out routine was a struggle, training with Bani made it easy to get back the motivation & consistency. Workouts and coaching were adapted to my needs, mobility, weight training and my schedule. All the sessions are well prepared, comes with smiles and her high energy.


What I love with training with Bani is her ability to really hone in on the individual and to understand ( and explain ) how your body works. She has an incredible repertoire of great exercises and for every muscle group and her nutritional expertise make a huge difference compared to other trainers. Bani's motivation skills are second to none - no matter how stressed out you might be at the start of the training, thanks to her positive attitude and attention you always leave feeling great and positively changed! After training with Bani I feel like I have advanced a lot, both mentally and physically. This is also due to her focus on long-term development and person as a whole, instead of rushing for gains. I strongly recommend Bani to anyone wanting to create a positive impact on his / her life!


I started my sessions with Bani in September 2022 with an assessment of my mobility & my strength to establish goals and the right program;the one that would fit with my ability and realistically achieve any agreed milestone ! Bani has been encouraging, dedicated to me as well as form on direction. When I felt the new proposed exercise would have been too much for me, she takes the time to explain why I believed I could physically go for that progression. I will continue my sessions with her in 2023 as well. 

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